2 Easy Steps To Building A Semi-Passive Online Business in 2022

No previous skills or sales experienced required!

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Here are a small handful of the students who were in the same position as you not too long ago

"I'll be forever grateful for Josh. He's changed the trajectory of my life."

Summary of Seth's Journey

  • Dropped out of college due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Gets job as a factory worker in small Pennsylvania town
  • Had very little income, and consequently had no freedom
  • Tried his hand in MLMs & e-Commerce, with no success
  • ​Jumped into our program, was very skeptical
  • ​Could hardly use a computer when he joined
  • ​12 months in, he makes in 3 months what he used to make in a year
  • ​Favorite part of program: loves the sense of community, and how everyone reaches down to pick the new people up

"It was never about the money for me... it was about not having to ever answer to another person ever again.
I had zero online experience prior to joining."

Summary of Simon's Journey

  • Immigrated to the US from Australia
  • Wife lost her job with a baby on the way, they were in danger of being deported
  • Simon sees an Ad talking about our business, decides to take the risk & book a phone call
  • Joins program with last few dollars in his bank account
  • Within 60 days, hits over $10K/mo by simply following our exact process
  • By Day 90, doubles that to over $20K/mo
  • ​Favorite part of program: trusting the process, & having a repeatable path to 7-Figures laid out in detail

"The best part of this program is the freedom it's given me, my wife, & my children. We can work from anywhere, vacation as we please... it's a dream come true"


  • Grant was an active-duty Marine, home on leave
  • Horrific motorcycle accident leaves him bound to a wheelchair
  • Joins our program and follows the exact process
  • Within first month, lands over $5K/mo
  • Within two years, more than halfway to a 7-Figure business
  • Gets to coach his kids, vacation at will, & has no financial worries
  • Favorite part of program: building lifelong friendships with other entrepreneurs that have a common goal

"If a busy mother of 3 with zero experience in marketing, sales, or ads can do this, then anyone can do this"


  • Busy mother with multiple children
  • Was skeptical at first
  • Only wanted to make a few extra grand per month to supplement family income
  • Joins program
  • Hits her income goals quickly
  • Favorite part of program: the community

Ex Aircraft mechanic, 26-year-old Bri hits 6 figures with 5 clients

Ex Wifi installer cuts the cord and builds a 6 figure business

HAM Radio enthusiast supplements income & buys dream home

Guy doing insurance sales decides to gamble on himself, builds 6-figure business

Husband-and-wife duo ditch t-shirt drop-shipping to build an actual business

Retired car salesman decides to build a 7-figure business, spends summers at new lake house

Ex sales coach decides to sell his own services and builds freedom for himself and his family

Stay at home mom decides to supplement family income, builds security & a happy home

Business owner decides to take things into her own hands, scales her business practically overnight

Marketing agency owner adopts our principles, scales his business

Retired minor league baseball player finds major success in business.

Guy that's been in a bunch of different businesses finds renewed success

Alaska native builds 6-figure business in 4 months

Truck driver replaces annual income in 90 days, sky is the limit

Teacher decides to go his own way, builds 6-figure business in just a few months

Stay at home mom balances 3 children while adding $50K to household income

Makeup artist decides to make a new path, crushes income goals

Life insurance salesman decides to level-up his own life, hits $5K in 30 days

Australian immigrant faces deportation, turns it around and builds legacy for his family

Architect decides to build digital properties instead, changes his life

Cool dude ditches family business, moves his family to a tropical paradise

Here's A Few Questions We Get Asked... Alot

  • Alright, I'll bite... who's this Josh guy?
  • Long story short, he went from zero hope to 8-Figure Entrepreneur in under a decade. He had no computer experience and could barely spell before beginning his journey.
  • I've never sold a thing in my life... can I do this?
  • You betcha. It's all broken down for you step by step, down to the exact words you need to say, and how to find people that beg YOU for your services. It's not even really selling.
  • Everyone and their mother is selling me something... why should I listen to you guys?
  • They say knowledge is power... but knowledge without ACTION is meaningless. We give you an all-in-one course where you'll learn the ins-and-outs of Facebook Ads, Google Ads, how to monetize those skills effectively - and more. THAT BEING SAID - the biggest differentiator between OUR course and others is the active community and mentorship. We don't just give you skills and leave you on your own - we walk you through every aspect of the business, help you close deals, help you scale them, & more. You simply won't get that with other programs.
  • If it works so well... why are you guys teaching others?
  • I did the whole 7-Figure agency and I'm moving on to my next challenge. I want to impact the world and help others live the life of their dreams. This is the way I decided to do that.
  • I have a full-time job... can I actually do this?
  • Most of our students start with a full time job and do this on the weekends or after work until they can actually quit their 9-5.
  • If this is so great, everyone will do it... is there enough room for everyone?
  • This market is projected to grow by over $20 billion over the next two years... so yes, there's tons of room.
  • I don't know a single thing about marketing... is that going to be a problem?
  • That's fine, because we do! Our program is an intensive training meant to take anyone from 0 to Hero as quickly as possible. We also GIVE you over 30 Done-For-You ad campaigns and landing pages, so the heavy lifting is mostly done for you already. Anything you can't figure out, there's a huge team behind you that loves to help others.
  • I watched the video but... can you give me a one-line description of what this is?
  • Make passive income by doing work one time, and providing real value to local businesses.
  • Seems to good to be true... how quickly can someone actually make money with this thing?
  • All depends on you. Some people get in and make their first $10K in 30 days. By day 90, you should have at least $10K/mo coming in if you follow our step-by-step process.
  • If I get on a call... is someone going to try and sell me something?
  • We hope so... I think we all want the same thing. You want to know HOW to add $2K, $5K, $10K, or even $100K in monthly income, and we know exactly how to do it. So think of the call like this: one of our expert coaches will walk you through the process and answer any doubts you have. If you don't want to move forward, that's completely cool - but remember, without taking action, you'll be in the same place one year from now as you are today. We want to change that together!
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